Pet's Watcher

Comprehensive security and fun for you and your best friend!

The Pet's Wather Set
includes 3 un its

Pet’s Tracker

Collar-mounted GPS unit gives
real-time location info, so you
can find your pet easily if they
ever get lost.

Pet's Cam

Keep an eye on your pet via your smartphone
anytime, anywhere. Perfect for when you’re
at work or on vacation.

Home Beacon

Place Home Beacons around the boundary
of your property and get automatic notifications
if your pet leaves the area.

Pet's Wather app

Use your smartphone with our app for easy access
to your pet’s location and data - anytime.

With Pet's watcher,
you'll always know.

where your best friend is.

Pet's Watcher is a rechargeable GPS tracking device that helps you locate your beloved pets when they get lost or run away. With the free Pet's Watcher app on your phone, you can track and locate your dog or cat in real time. No move close calls!

Real time Location updates

Follow every paw print in real-time and see the current position of your pet on a map. The app will also record the path your pet wanders along? so you'll know where they've been in addition to where they are!

Bluetooth Virtual
Leash Mode

Bluetooth Electric Leash prevents your pet from getting lost when you're on a walk or in an open area. The Pet's Watcher app will trigger an alert when the distance between owner and pet is beyond the Bluetooth proximity? so you'll always know when your puppy is ranging too far.

Set the

of your home and get notified
when furry friends scamper

Use one or more home beacons to define the area in which you let your pet roam. Each unit uses iBeacon technology to stay connected to Pet's Tracker as long as it remains within 40-50m. If your pet leaves that area, you'll immediately be notified that something has gone wrong.

Best battery life

on the market

GPS is the most power intensive feature inside the tracker. Our solution is to turn off GPS when your pet is at home using battery-saving Home Beacons to know when your pet is around. GPS will be automatically turned on when your pet leaves home, giving you instant real-time location updates.

Pet's cam

Use your smartphone to see where your pets are and what they're up to - no matter where you are. Never miss cute moments (or naughty behaviors) when you're away from home.

Ever wonder what happens when you're away?