Arlo Vs. Ring Vs. Nest

Arlo Vs. Ring Vs. Nest

Spurred by their riches and constant fear for their security, homeowners are doing everything within their financial capability to keep themselves and their families safe in their homes. Not only has technology enhanced security in residential and commercial establishments, but it has also eased the burden of doing things. New gadgets have hit the market; the video-enabled doorbell is the new technology that has helped boost security, at the same time enhancing convenience and being economical.

The best of this smart home security cameras in the market is the Arlo which comes in different types including the handy Arlo, the audible Ring, and the dynamic Nest. These three gadgets are fighting it out to be the designated smart home security gadget. The devices vary in operation, sophistication, and management. Therefore, this feature is going to compare and contrast these gadgets to find the best smart security feature for homes.


The discreet yet powerful cameras have been providing covert security for homes and commercial buildings to a great measure of success. The best feature of Arlo gadgets is the minimum amount of monitoring and the enhanced security it offers. Therefore, it saves people the cash that one would use to hire a guard to monitor the secure, let alone to operate the gate. The best of this security gadget comes in the form of Arlo Pro 2 and Arlo Pro.

Arlo Pro

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro is a must-have for any person who appreciates simplicity combined with top-notch sophistication. It is purchased from a single piece to a group of three sets. This means that it can operate by itself at the same time it can be connected with its peers to produce a comprehensive view of a home. Furthermore, it has an operating station installed in the house. This makes it possible to monitor the feeds from the house and at the same time monitored remotely using an app on the phone.

Installation and Design

The camera has a sleek, sophisticated design which is easy to conceal and mount around the house. Their portable design makes them inconspicuous but effective. They are tough to spot for people who do not know where they are fitted. Therefore, it captures all the moments a person is within your residence without their knowledge. It gives a homeowner the advantage time to call for help before an intruder advance to the home.

Moreover, it has a unique built-in calling feature that allows a homeowner to ring and get assistance if their home is invaded in their absence. This feature is assisted by the live streaming capability of the Arlo Pro app that transmits live feeds to your phone of a person in your compound. It also has a motion sensor that adds to the elaborate security measures in an Arlo Pro. The motion detector when activated alerts a homeowner that there is a person in the vicinity of their home.

The Arlo Pro can be mounted using customized, durable fasteners which can brave all weather conditions including intense snowing. Additionally, it has a siren that alerts people of an intruder. The siren is loud, and it can be triggered remotely or from the physical station mounted in the house.

How it Functions

The Arlo Pro employs movement and sound detections to activate the recording of video clips of persons within the residence. The video is then backed up in the cloud for enhanced security.

The cloud storage facilities provided by Arlo is charged monthly depending on the time the data stays in the cloud.

Furthermore, the videos can be streamed instantaneously using the live stream feature on the Arlo app.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2 is the best as they would ever come. The praise showered on it is attributed to its absolute advanced features. This device is the most advanced of the Arlo camera family, making a debut on shelves in 2017 to much hype. And beyond doubt, it has lived up to the fanfare that greeted its launch

The Arlo Pro 2 is an advancement on the Arlo Pro. It has enhanced visual quality, storage capacity, motion, and sound detection systems. Due to some of their similarities with the Arlo Pro, it is wise to focus on the additions on the Arlo Pro 2.

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Extra Features

The Arlo Pro was plagued by delays in displaying of camera links after the motion and sound detector had been detected. This weakness made it difficult to get real-time video of a burglary or intrusion. However, the Arlo Pro 2 alerts a homeowner three seconds before a break in; then the owner can record the entire situation exhaustively.

The cameras used by Arlo Pro 2 are fitted with stronger lenses capable of capturing even the subtlest of occurrences. It enhances the scope of view with its lenses which are capable of covering 130 degrees across its path.

Most importantly, this new version of Arlo has a 1080HD live recording feature that enables nonstop, clear documentation of every event that occurs.

Furthermore, it has quality playback features which are an upgrade on the Arlo Pro which had a 720 HD quality.

This new type of Arlo is recommended for people who are tech savvy and are not always present in their residence for long periods.

Nest Cam

Google made an entry into the smart home industry using its constituent company, Nest. The Nest is Google’s gateway into the booming smart home space.

Nest Cam Outdoor

Nest Cam Outdoor

This gadget is ideal for people who are still into wired devices. This outdoor camera is connected to a source of energy that keeps it operational. This is a significant difference from the Arlo models which are powered by durable batteries. Furthermore, it is manufactured using durable material that protects it from adverse weather conditions like rain.

Google is synonymous with simplicity in using their products, and the Nest Cam is no different. The most critical step is the synchronization of your phone with the cameras.

The continuous recording done by Nest Cam Outdoor needs extra storage space so that all the instances are recorded and stored on the cloud. However, this feature requires a special storage package known as Nest Aware. This is in contrast to the minimum storage space found in both the Arlo models. The talk and listen feature also make it popular among people with big compounds where gates are far from the house. The gadget helps you identify a visitor, and then you decide whether or not to grant them access.

Furthermore, it supported by an app which is used to monitor images from the house from any location you are in.

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The app can execute the following functions:

  • Talk and listen
  • Keep diary
  • Capture real-time images
  • Warning siren
  • Store 3 hours of photos


Ring uses basic science to do what it does best better than its peers. They are among the pioneers in the smart home business.

Ring Spotlight

The Ring Spotlight is an improvement of all the gadgets on this list when it comes to the all-around nature of security and design. The Ring Spotlight Camera is supported by solar, battery and it can be connected to a source of power to run the camera and other key features of the camera.

The Ring Spotlight Camera is Ring’s smart security camera that is available in a variety of options which includes as a battery-powered camera, wired camera, solar charged camera.

Features and Installation

The Ring Spotlight Camera resembles the features of a streaming doorbell with the difference being how the cameras are attached to the former’s holder. Moreover, the device is operated using an app which is supported by IOS, OS. This enables it to be used on a smartphone, tablet or computers.

It has a stronger resolution that makes all the differences in this arlo vs ring vs nest comparisons. The recording has a resolution of 1080HD which covers up to 140 degrees of the area it covers.  Furthermore, the camera is held firmly by fasteners which help in adjusting the angle the camera to face an area of interest, e.g., a doorway. It also has an alarm system built into it to act as a siren in case the camera flags down something wrong.

Way of Operation

The camera is equipped with a strip that separates two LED-enabled screens which form the fundamental of operating this gadget. The two strips separate the partition that captures motion and the other partition which records the incident taking place. The data recorded is then stored safely on the freely for 30 days. But after the expiry of the subscription, one is required to foot the storage bill of $3 monthly.

The Ring Spotlight is operated by its app which can monitor all the activities in your compound from any part of the world you are located. It also has a talking and listening feature which enables communication with a person who is at the gate or the door.

Final Verdict

All the cameras on this list are top quality. However, with the advancement in technology, home security devices need to be monitored and operated easily. Gadgets that are operated using apps are very effective and efficient in executing their responsibilities, i.e., Ring Spotlight and Nest cam.

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